“Putting together major exhibition tours is a lot of work, and David has been an incredible partner in helping us confirm not one but two major tours with six museums participating so far. One of these tours – the most comprehensive Mucha exhibition ever organized – will be seen in the U.S. and Australia. His deep knowledge and longtime relationships in the museum space have been invaluable in working through issues and questions with our museum partners, and his never give up attitude and charm have made working with him a joy. The central concern of our work is protecting and promoting the legacy of my great grandfather Alphonse Mucha; it’s been a pleasure working with a consultant who holds this same mission sacred. Based on our experience, David is now doing similar work for the Grand Palais Immersif in Paris, one of our key partners. David also supplies expert advice and counsel as needed on a wide variety of nonprofit management practices unrelated to exhibitions. We are happy to recommend him in the highest terms.”